Week 7: Post Race

So now that the race to the wall is over, we need to move straight onto the next challenge, the Robosumo tournament, this tournament is where our robot will fight in a ring with another bot trying to push them out of the ring will trying to stay in itself, this will be done like the race to the wall, autonomously. Our place on the leader board will determine who we fight first in the tournament, the results of the race to the wall determines where we start but as the final positions aren’t out yet we don’t know where we stand. We assume that we are in the middle of the board as we got one of the faster times for the over 20 seconds. We’ll find out soon enough where we placed but for now we need to focus on designing and building the new robot.
The first thing we did was dismantle the old bot to take any pieces we needed off it, we aren’t uses the old motor and the breadboard cause they were faulty or just not useful for our new design. After that we all talked through our ideas for the designs for our new bot like the overall shape of the bot, how it will act and what strategies it would have in the ring. The design we had is shown below:
Wedge Bot
This wedge shaped bot would be a fast, light weight robot that would serve was a ramp so when the opponent drives at us the other bot has a chance at driving over us and hopefully off the edge or if the bot doesn’t drive over us and just gets stuck on top, we could push them off the edge. The first scenario wouldn’t happen very often as the other bot would probably stop on the line and our bot would loss sight of the bot and have to look for it again. In the second scenario we would need a large amount of torque to push the other bot when its on top of us and hope that their wheels aren’t touching the ground to make the pushing easier.
One other problem is that this shape restricts the amount of space we have for the circuits and batteries and even if we did make space for them getting access to them would be a pain so we moved away from this idea.
The next design we looked at was the “Brick Wall” bot shown below:
Brick Wall Bot
This bot would be slow and heavy with a lot of torque which we would hope would be able to push any of the other bots and if pushed back wouldn’t budge. The strategy for this is simple just just find and attack, no running around trying to dodge and search. This bot would have a lot of room for the circuits and batteries and this would mean it would be easy to get at the insides. We moved away from this idea because we suspect that most of the other teams would be going for the fast bots that could drive circles around us while our bot is just spinning looking for them, one other problem would be that running high torque motors would drain the batteries.
The last idea was the best of both worlds shown below:
This bot would have some speed, not so much to lose torque and have a ramp for the opponent to drive up while still having space for the circuit and batteries. The ramp on this bot we would hope would make the other bot drive up and flip backwards leaving it vulnerable to being pushed off the edge. Most of the bots would be top or back heavy so if the other bot attempts to drive up us their weight would work against them. We are thinking of putting a hinge on the side to gain access to the inside easier. To limit drain on the battery we’re going to use just two independent motors instead of four and to get the front of the bot low as possible we’re going to use a ball bearing instead of wheels.
So after talking through these ideas we picked the last bot and as we had little we could do at this point we finished for the day and would look up parts to buy and new ideas for next week.


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