Week 11: Prep For The Fight

So it was a few days before the big fight and we had our code and now we had our robot, which differed from the original design because we needed to have more room for the circuit and battery as well as being accessible. This is the bot with the circuitry and battery inside:
She Fairly Tight Ted
Motor ViewSide ViewFront Colour Sensor

Rear ViewFront View

You can see that we didn’t add a ramp to the front as we just about fit in the 10cm by 10cm rules with 9.9cm length and 9.9cm width so we would fit tightly in the dimensions and because of this we thought we’d call her “She’s Fairly Tight Ted”. So a few features of our bot is a lip at the back so we can’t be flipped, the front scraping the ground so it would be difficult to get a ramp under us, a hinge to get easy access to the circuit and battery and lastly we made it out of mostly aluminium mesh as it would bring our weight down but not lose too much strength, the only acrylic we kept was the base as the plastic was pretty thick and would be difficult to mount at angles as well as not being as easy to work with compared to the aluminium.
The pictures above were missing the rear colour sensor and the second sensor on the front(we started with one but if the bot came in at an angle to the line, it would have more of a chance to fall off if the sensor was in the centre).We had a bit of a problem with one of the colour sensor because we just found a sensor on a table and used it but when we connected it, the voltages weren’t right, the range was only 10mV from black to white. After a while of trying to find the problem we found out that the IR LED was spun around and when set up like the others the others, the cathode was connected to positive and the anode to ground, this wasted a lot of time and as this was the day before the fight caused a lot of stress. When we got all the sensors mounted and connected we could finally test the bot.

So we put it in the ring and we drove off the edge, so we went back and tested the voltages of the sensor when it cross the white line and the range was around 0.5V to 3.27V on black to white so the mounting was fine, it was getting the range but we were worried that the sensors on the front might be a bit too far back and it might be a bit too late when it sees white to stop because of the momentum. So to see if the code was a problem, I held the bot as it went over the line and the wheels should’ve changed directions, but they didn’t. It was very late and we were all tired and decided that we would fix it tomorrow in the hours before the fight, The last thing we did was to test how much weight we could push, the ring was greasy and the 9v battery was down to 6V so we wouldn’t be able to push at full power but we were able to push 1.5kg which is pretty good for a 370g bot. After that we all went home and had our last sleep before the fight and come in the next day fresh and clear minded.

This is the song will be playing when we enter the ring


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